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When I was child, I didn´t get any dog, or another animals, I had so bad allergy to furry animals. I had guinea pig and it must give away becouse of my allergy and same happend whit second guinea pig... Time goes and I could stay longer, even stay at night at my relatives home, they had dogs. At one summer I get two “gril” bunny, but soon I had twelve bunny, so another was boy... From bunnies I didn´t get allergy, except for cleaning their cages, but was ok. I had owned two tortoise, two turle, different rodents and bunnies. And one summer I take care of funny she-goat, Miranda. I had aquarium many years, biggest and last one was 720l, I must sell that tank becouse of water damage and I didn´t have so much space. 

At year 1996 I get my firts dog, smoothcoat chihuahua male Hero, who died so soon... 1997 I get dalmatian male Reti, who stayed to my parents. My mum wanted to keep him! We trained obedience at home, becouse my mum didn´t drive us to trainings... 

When I moved at my own house, started my chihuahua hobby, and I had so many curves at that road... Whit chihuahuas we go to dogshows and unofficial shows and when I have only few, we trained obedience. 

Then I must get “real dog”, so I take belgianshepherd malinois female Tara. Whit her we had trained obedience, rescue, agility and shows. 2007 I bought my next malinois, working male Jedi. Whit him we train protection and obedience. 

My new hobby is birds. First I bought crimson rosella, her died soon to leukemia. Then I had couple of crimson rosellas and couple of eastern rosella. Now I have button quails and japonese quails. 

That was my pet history.... Then something about me. At basic scool I was part of dance shows, which we make for parties and competitions. And I act too at scools shows, and singed in chorus. Then I study two years cooking. I was allmoust one year jobless, then I go practical training to animal recue center at year 2001. In autumn 2001 I study one month to chef and then I get job from factory, which make covers for Nokias phones, there I was two years. I had trained at gym, sometimes regularly and sometimes less regularly. At year 2003 I was in body fitness competition, but whit bad placements... At spring 2005 I started riding and in January 2008 capoeira. 

At spring 2004 I was three months get to know differend animal jobs –course. And autumn 2004 I started study to zookeeper and completed it 2006 spring. I was practical training at many different places; stud-farm, where was horse camps and veterinary too, at two animal shops, local vet, veterinary clinic, farm, where was horses and milk cows, meat cow (highlander) farm, bird rescue center, iceland horse stable, where was stud pony, race horses and brood mares too, and animal laboratory (where I was working too one month at 2006). So I have so many different animal keeping becouse of practical training and many visits. We have a try to drive husky team, ride at icelandic horse etc. I had worked at one stable, build a bisness for breeding. And now I study to be veterinarians helper. 

At spring 2001 I accomplish dog breeders basic and continuation course and complished few another dog courses. I had listened so many dog lessons. At summer 2002 I judged in unofficial dogshow puppies, veterans and mixed breeds, it was fun! At spring 2009 I get lisence to put mikrochips for dogs. At 2003 I was Salpausselän Koirankasvattajat (dog breeder associsation) vice chairman and few years in government. 

I´m webmaster for my own and Chihuahua ry.s websites, earlier Metsäpirtin stable website too.


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